I work closely with collaborative content & influencer outreach. Here are some of the articles and deep-dive interviews  I’ve created with marketing and digital analytics experts.

Jim Sterne - Digital Analytics Association

Jim Sterne

Internationally known speaker, author, and consultant to Fortune 500 companies. Founder of the Marketing Analytics Summit & co-founder of the Digital Analytics Association.
Sangram Vajre - Terminus, Flipmyfunnel

Sangram Vajre

Co-founder of Terminus, Former Head of Marketing at Pardot, creator of FlipMyFunnel Community, and author of the first book on account-based marketing (ABM).

Article collaborations: Why Is Account-Based Marketing Important in 2020 & How to Adopt It, Top Account-Based Marketing Challenges From Sangram Vajre, How to Drive More Efficiency for Your Data Analytics Team, Enterprise Marketing Data: How to Build Data Confidence

Tricia Stinton

Senior Director, Head of Field Marketing UK & Ireland at Cognizant, one of the world’s leading digital solutions companies, former Marketing Director at Accenture.
Rob Leavitt, ITSMA

Rob Leavitt

Senior Vice President at ITSMA, a global research and advisory community with 20-years experience within account-based marketing, brand strategy, thought leadership.

Digital Marketing

Melanie Chapman, RevenueWell, Jellyvision

Melanie Chapman, Director Demand Generation, RevenueWell

B2B Account-Based Marketing Tactics
Kelly Wortham - Search Discovery

Kelly Wortham,
Senior Director Optimization, Search Discovery

Beyond A/B Testing: Optimization Tactics
Tara Quehl, Fidelity Investments

Tara Barkett Quehl,
Director Marketing Automation, Fidelity Investments

Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy
Callum McCahon, BORN SOCIAL

Callum McCohan,
Executive Strategy Director, Born Social

Casper Rouchmann - United Fintech, Templafy

Casper Rouchmann, Head of Marketing at United Fintech

Growth Hacking in Analytics
Jennifer Montague, Dixa, TwentyThree

Jennifer Montague,
Head of Marketing, Dixa

Inbound Marketing Tactics for Growth
Lee Wong, Intuit

Lee Wong, Experimentation & Data Analytics Manager, Intuit

Scaling Intuit’s Experimentation Program
Sara Hansson, Oatly

Sara Hansson, Global Social Media Manager, Oatly

Ursula Krogsbøll, Miracle

Ursula Krogsbøll, Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Miracle

Accelerating Digital Innovation
With Fast-Track Development
Taylor Ryan - Klint Marketing

Taylor Ryan, Founder of ArchitectureQuote and KlintMarketing

Growth Hacking in Marketing
David Juul Ledstrup, Marvelous Nordic

David Ledstrup, Creative Strategy Director, Marvelous Nordic

Creative Strategy in Marketing
Simon Lomas, Tidal Digital

Simon Lomas, Head of Performance & Managing Partner, Tidal Digital

What Drives Brand Impact
Nicola Strand - Unity Technology

Nicola Strand, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Unity

3 Reasons to Love the Analytics Community 
Alexander Montium-Åberg, NIBE

Alexander Montium-Åberg, Head of Social Media, NIBE

How to Set Digital Marketing KPIs for Better Reporting
Patrick Kitchell, Microsoft

Patrick Kitchell, Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft

How Minecraft Shapes Your Digital Transformation


Michael Brito, Zeno Group

Michael Brito, Head of Digital Analytics, Zeno Group

Using Audience Intelligence for Campaign Planning

Digital Analytics

June Dershewitz, Amazon Music, Twitch

June Dershewitz, Head of Data Strategy, Amazon Music

Analytics Fireside Chat
Ian Thomas, Publicis

Ian Thomas, Data IQ 100, Former Chief Data Officer, Publicis Spine

Fostering a Data-Driven Culture
Tanu Javeri IBM

Tanu Javeri, Global Digital Analytics Enablement Lead, IBM

Why and How to Improve Data Quality
Mario Vinasco, Uber Technologies, Credit Sesame

Mario Vinasco, Director BI & Analytics, Credit Sesame

Marketing Spend Optimization With PyTorch Machine Learning
Brian Clifton, Verified Data

Brian Clifton,
Director of Analytics, Founder of Verified Data

Ensuring Marketing Data Quality
Ciara Adkins, HomeDepot

Ciara Adkins, Senior Online Product Analyst, HomeDepot

Becoming an Online Product Analyst
Frederik Werner, RTL Disney, DHL

Frederik Werner, Senior Specialist Digital Analytics, DHL

Adobe Customer Journey Analytics Tactics


Sharon Flynn, BMO Financial Group, InfoTrust

Sharon Flynn, Senior Manager Digital Analytics, BMO Financial Group

Data Analytics in Financial Services, How to Build Data Confidence, How to Drive Efficiency for Your Data Analytics Team
Wojciech Zak, Aller Media

Wojciech Zak, Head of Data and Analytics at Aller Media

Marketing Data Quality
Mai Alowaish, Infotrust

Mai Alowaish, Chief Data Officer, Gulf Bank

Cross-Device Tracking Expert Tips
Jason Thomson, 33 Sticks

Jason Thompson,
Co-Founder, 33 Sticks

Investing in Data Strategy
Matt Gershoff, Conductrics

Matt Gershoff, CEO and Co-founder, Conductrics

A/B Testing and Experimentation Tactics
Yehoshua Coren, Analytics Ninja

Yehoshua Coren, Founder of Analytics Ninja

Data Strategy for Google Analytics
Brent Dykes, Blast Analytics

Brent Dykes, Senior Director, Blast Analytics

Campaign Data & Marketing Performance Tips
Simon Pilkowski, Boehringer Ingelheim

Simon Pilkowski, Global Head of Data, Boehringer Ingelheim

What to Do if Data Stakeholders Don’t Know What They Need
Jason Krantz, Strategy Titan

Jason Krantz,
Founder, Strategy Titan

Marketing Data Strategy Founder Lessons
Josh West, Analytics Demystified

Josh West, Partner, Analytics Demystified

5 Tips to Building Your Data Layer
Alban Gérôme, Barclays Bank, Legal & General

Alban Gérôme, VP Data & CX Technology Manager, Barclays Bank

Marketing Pixels: How to Deploy Them With Tag Management
Erik Driessen, Greenhouse, Belastingdienst

Erik Driessen, Head of Digital Analytics, Greenhouse

How to Automate Google Analytics Data With APIs
Robert Børlum-Bach, TV2, Artefact

Robert Børlum-Bach, Head of Analytics Architecture, TV2

How to Optimize KPIs by Distilling Data With Machine Learning